The Stone Collection carries stone slabs in four popular finishes.

Don’t see the material you like in the correct finish? The Stone Collection can have any finish below applied to any available material. In addition, we can provide tuscan, bush-hammered, flamed and several other finishes upon request. Contact us with any questions.

Polished finish


Polished is the most common finish. Polished stone is reflective, shiny, flat and smooth. Polished stone shows the most depth and color. A polished surface is the least porous finish. Polished marbles are susceptible to acid etching.

Leathered finish


Leathered surfaces are textured and matte. Although some reflective properties remain, leathered stone is not as reflective or shiny as polished. It is slightly more porous than a polished surface and retains most of the color. Each stone will leather differently.

Caress Finish


Caressed surfaces are similar to leathered, but with one additional step. After leathering, the surface is again polished. This achieves a more shiny and reflective look than leathered stone, but generally not as reflective as polished. Color is retained well. Porosity falls somewhere between polished and leathered finishes.

Honed Finish


Honed surfaces are flat and matte. Honed stone is non-reflective, not shiny and colors are muted. Honed finishes are more porous than polished, leathered or caressed. Honed is the preferred finish for marbles that will be exposed to acids.

Images courtesy of Percoco Stone Finishing.