New Arrivals in Dallas 8.14.18

NEW Granite, Marble, Soapstone, Dolomite, & Quartzite arrivals in Dallas
Blue Dunes Granite
3cm Blue Dunes Granite | Lot 13393
Rain Forest Green Marble
3cm Rain Forest Green Marble | Lot 13394
Blue Pearl Granite
3cm Blue Pearl GT Granite | Lot 13656
Black Forest Granite

3cm Black Forest Granite | Lot 13657

Rain Forest Brown Marble
3cm Rain Forest Brown Leathered Marble | Lot 13820
Soapstone Indian Black
3cm Soapstone Indian Black | Lot 13820
Notte Stellata Caressed Dolomite
3cm Notte Stellata Caressed Dolomite | Lot 13885
Negresco Granite
3cm Negresco Honed Granite | Lot 13905
3cm Soapstone | Lot 13905 
Taj Mahal Quartzite
3cm Taj Mahal Standard Leathered Quartzite | Lot 13970
Taj Mahal Quartzite
3cm Taj Mahal Standard Quartzite | Lot 13970
Blue Dunes Granite
3cm Blue Dunes Leathered Granite | Lot 14082
Brown Fantasy Marble
3cm Brown Fantasy Marble | Lot 14082
2cm Bianco Rhino Marble | Lot 14089
3cm Carrara Honed Marble | Lot 14089
3cm Soapstone Virginia Black | Lot 14167

3cm St. Henry Black Antique Granite | Lot 14167


3cm Brilliant Black Quartzite CC | Lot 14190

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